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 ====== Diversity analysis ====== ====== Diversity analysis ======
 +Divide the chapter into alpha+gamma diversity section and beta diversity section. One option - use Jurasinsky et al 2009 schema and talk about inventory, differentiation and proportional diversity (inventory = alpha and gamma, differentiation = based on dissimilarity measures, incl. variation within compositional matrix and length of DCA axis; proportional - gamma vs alpha, additive vs multiplicative, using Hill's numbers for it etc.)
 +Other option is to divide the whole topic into several chapters: 
 +  - alpha diversity (inventory diversity)
 +   - includes species richness, Shannon entropy, Simpson concentration index, Hill's numbers, effective number of species
 + - rarefaction and accumulation curves, estimates of unseen species
 + - beta diversity
 +   - differentiation diversity - Legendre's approach, incl. LCBD, mean of pairwise dissimilarity indices, multisite dissimilarity indices
 +   - proportional diversity - Whittaker's beta, beta based on Hill's numbers, Chao's beta diversity (beta differentiation)
 ===== Rarefaction and accumulation curves ===== ===== Rarefaction and accumulation curves =====
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