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Custom-built functions

These function were collected from various sources - either functions written by D. Zelený, or functions which were published or are in public domain. In case of functions published elsewhere, the reason for these link is mostly to allow their convenient sourcing into R.

  • beta.div (calculates beta diversity; Pierre Legendre, from Legendre & De Caceres 2013, Appendix S4)
  • folded_aspect (simple function to convert aspect into folded aspect; David Zelený)
  • heatload (implementation of radiation and heat load equations of McCune & Keon (2002), by David Zelený & Tsung-Yi Lin)
  • hist.dnorm (histogram with normal distribution curve, inspired by CrossValidated, modif. by David Zeleny)
  • ordicenter (adds group centroids onto ordination diagrams; David Zelený)
  • orglhull (draws 3D convex hulls around groups of samples in rgl ordination diagrams; David Zelený)
  • pairs (with panel functions) (by F. Gillet, from Numerical Ecology with R)
  • p.adjust.envfit (David Zelený)
  • PCNM (calculates PCNM/dbMEM axes, tests their Moran's I; Pierre Legendre, from his website)
  • Visualisation of random drift (visualise random ecological drift in a community; David Zelený)
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