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Vegetation of acidophilous grasslands in Třebíč region

Source of data

Zelený & Li (2008), Zelený (unpubl.)

Description of dataset

Vegetation samples of acidophilous grasslands (16-25m2) recorded in 2004-2007.

Photo of island with acidophilous grassland (Valdíkov, Třebíč district, Czech Republic). Photo credit: D. Zelený.


Distribution of grassland islands in the study region.

North of Třebíč city, Czech Republic. Grasslands typically occur on convex topography with shallow soils, and form “islands” (habitat patches) of acidophilous vegetation in otherwise intensively manages agricultural landscape.

The file with coordinates, which can be opened in Google Earth: grasslands.kml 1)

Environmental variables

Name of variable Description
plot Plot number (used to store the plot in Czech National Phytosociological Database)
area Area of the plot [m2]
altitude Altitude [m a.s.l.]
aspect Aspect [°]
slope Slope [°]
coverE2 Cover of shrub layer [%]
coverE1 Cover of herb layer [%]
cover_moss Cover of moss layer [%]
cover_lich Cover of lichen layer [%]
cover_bare Cover of bare soil [%]
pH.H soil pH, measured in water solution
soildepth Soil depth, measured by iron rod [cm]
soildepth_sd Variability of soil depth (calculated from five measurement by iron rod in one plot) [cm]
classification Classification into associations (for details see Zelený & Li 2008)
latitude Latitude [°]
longitude Longitude [°]

Data for download

Script for direct import of data to R

These data are for training the import of raw data into R - the script for direct import of data into R is hidden here.


  • Zelený D. & Li Ch.-F. (2008): Vegetace suchých acidofilních trávníků v oblasti třebíčského žulosyenitového plutonu [Dry acidophilous grassland vegetation in the area of Třebíč's granosyenite pluton] - Acta Rerum Naturalium, 5: 177-194 pdf
you need Google Earth installed on your computer to open this file
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