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 [[{|width: 7em; background-color:​ white; color: navy}data_preparation_examples|Examples]] [[{|width: 7em; background-color:​ white; color: navy}data_preparation_examples|Examples]]
 [[{|width: 7em; background-color:​ white; color: navy}data_preparation_exercise|Exercise {{::​lock-icon.png?​nolink|}}]] [[{|width: 7em; background-color:​ white; color: navy}data_preparation_exercise|Exercise {{::​lock-icon.png?​nolink|}}]]
 +===== R functions =====
 +Simple EDA (Exploratory Data Analysis):
 +  * ''​boxplot''​ - draws the boxplot of data; with argument ''​outline = TRUE''​ (default setting) draws also the outliers;
 +  * ''​hist''​ - histogram with distribution of values in the variable;
 +  * ''​qqnorm'',​ ''​qqline''​ - draws QQ plot (comparing the quantiles of values in variable x to quantiles of normal distribution) and adds the line for comparison.
 +  * ''​pairs''​ - draws the pairwise relationships between variables in the matrix/​data.frame;​ the original ''​pairs''​ function can be extended for panel functions from //Numerical Ecology with R//, which gives quite interesting tool for data overview (see details [[en:​customized_functions:​pairs2|here]]).
 +Data transformation
 +  * ''​sqrt''​
 +  * ''​log'',​ ''​log10'',​ ''​log1p''​
 +Data standardization
 +  * ''​scale''​
 +  * ''​decostand''​ (library ''​vegan''​)
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