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-====== ​Numerical classification ​====== +Section: [[en:​classification|Numerical classification]] 
-===== TWINSPAN ​hierarchical divisive classification =====+===== TWINSPAN ​(hierarchical divisive classification=====
 [[{|width: 7em; background-color:​ white; color: navy}hier-divisive|Theory]] [[{|width: 7em; background-color:​ white; color: navy}hier-divisive|Theory]]
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 [[{|width: 7em; background-color:​ white; color: navy}hier-divisive_examples|Examples]] [[{|width: 7em; background-color:​ white; color: navy}hier-divisive_examples|Examples]]
 [[{|width: 7em; background-color:​ white; color: navy}hier-divisive_exercise|Exercise {{::​lock-icon.png?​nolink|}}]] [[{|width: 7em; background-color:​ white; color: navy}hier-divisive_exercise|Exercise {{::​lock-icon.png?​nolink|}}]]
 +==== library (twinspanR) ====
 +I created an experimental R library ''​twinspanR''​ with the TWINSPAN algorithm - you may install it from GitHub repository https://​​zdealveindy/​twinspanR (note: this library is currently in beta stage under development,​ and some parts may not be functional). To install any library from GitHub, you will need to first install the package ''​devtools''​ written by Hadley Wickham, which contains a set of tools for development of R packages. After installing ''​devtools'',​ use the function ''​install_github''​. Note that the use of the library has some limitations:​ it can be installed only on Windows platform (since the engine of the library is based on running *.exe file externally) and you need a permanent access to the folder where the library is installed (usually in Program Files/​R/​R-x.x.x/​library,​ but could be also in some other personalized place). Without the access to this folder the function ''​twinspan''​ cannot run correctly.
 +How to install: follow instructions at https://​​zdealveindy/​twinspanR ​
 +For more details see my [[http://​​blog/​2015/​05/​10/​twinspan-in-r/​|blog post]].
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