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Notice about the website reconstruction

The reconstruction of the website may take ages (as reconstructions, especially those done by academic workers, usually do). I will try to keep the pages functional as much as possible but expect to find a lot of stickers FIXME at places which are planned to be improved or are under reworking.

The goal is to improve the structure and also elaborate the theoretical descriptions of methods. The original purpose of this website was mainly to offer R code and exercise plus data. Now I feel that it would be great to include also a more detailed description of the methods which are discussed, to allow understanding how they actually work. In doing this, I try to keep the rule that it should be kept simple and straightforward - we ecologists are not good in formulas and equations, and these are so as so often not necessarily required to understand most of the methods.

I will also extend the content, which was focused almost exclusively on multivariate methods, for methods dealing with an analysis of diversity. This is basically also a “multivariate” problem since the diversity of community consists of many species with various abundances, but the methodology behind these analyses is quite different, yet very interesting.

Since I use this website again as teaching materials, I will lock the sections “Exercise” in each topic and use it for the purpose of the class (including homework assignments). If you want to see the exercise part although you are not enrolled in the class, feel free to email me, I will send you the password.

Some important details

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