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-====== Unconstrained ordination ====== +{{htmlmetatags> 
-===== Overview of functions in vegan (Shiny app) ===== +metatag-keywords=(ordination,vegan,Shiny)  
-I developed a simple [[|interactive online tool]] visualizing the use of all unconstrained ordination methods in ''vegan'' package discussed on this websiteusing a set of example datasets ([[|why?]]). Scroll down for a short manual [[en:uncordi#how_to_use_the_app|how to use the app]].+metatag-description=(Interactive tool to visualise unconstrained ordinatio of species composition data in vegan libraryR) 
 +metatag-og:description=(Interactive tool to visualise unconstrained ordinatio of species composition data in vegan library, R) 
 +====== Vegan unconstrained ordination functions (Shiny app) ======
 +I developed a simple [[|interactive online tool]] visualizing the use of all unconstrained ordination methods in ''vegan'' package discussed on this website, using a set of example datasets ([[|why?]]). Scroll down for a short manual [[en:uncordi#how_to_use_the_app|how to use the app]].
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